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Sound Systems
Here at New Day we believe in quality! Which is why we have invested in the best.
All our speakers are active which provide the best performance with digital signal processing giving optimal sound quality.
Our flag ship speakers which are suitable for audiences up to 1000 are the FBT CLA 406a and 118a Sub woofers.  The CLA 406a composite array speakers can be used in sets of two or four giving excellent vocal quality and coverage. With the 118SA sub woofers in support.
New Day introduces the most versatile line array speaker ever built.
HORIZON VHA (Vertical Horizontal Array) series by FBT is set to rewrite the rules of sound reinforcement system design.
Delivering optimal audience coverage with the ability to adapt to the requirements of the project at hand, HORIZON VHA represents a step forward in flexible sound reinforcement technology with exceptional sound quality. Crafted in Italy with the no-compromises manufacturing excellence for which FBT is known, the HORIZON VHA series comprises the full range VHA406A, plus two options for low-end extension in the shape of the 12” VHA112SA and 18” VHA118SA.
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