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Funeral Sound and Video
We provide sound and video service for funerals throughout Great Britain.
We are always very respectful and very discreet. Of course we are always very careful when filming anyone who is mourning at the loss of a loved one. However our services do provide for someone who cannot attend because of other commitments or live too far away.
Also we capture the some of the wonderful tributes that are said from family and friends.
If you prefer we will work with your funeral directors.
We offer the following services

1. Sound and Video Recording for a CD or DVD or onto our web site for others to view at a later time. We also have remote controlled cameras which are ideal in smaller buildings or where there is a request for the camera and operator not to be seen.
2. Video live internet broadcast via our fully licensed web site so it seen via a mobile phone, iPad or Android Tablet, on a computer or an internet enabled smart TV. We can use a standard internet connection or we can use our mobile network connection. Using the same technology we can allow someone who can’t attend the service to still give an address.
3. Sound and Video relay - if the church or building is too small to accommodate everyone. We can provide a relay either to another building, room or outside. Also we can provide large outdoor screens.
4. Memorial Video We can display a video recording of the deceased life or memorial video on our projection or plasma screens.
Funeral services
Tel 01452 618619
Tel 08450 618619
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