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Make your wedding a special event, something to remember

Broadcast your wedding LIVE!

We can now broadcast your wedding service live via our fully licensed web site to mobile phones, iPads, Android Tablets, computers and smart TVs. So your family and friends anywhere in the world can now join in. Using the same technology we can reply to other buildings or even to your office.

Plus at the same time we can record the service.


Plasma Screens - For messages from people who cannot attend or bride and groom childhood memories

LED Lighting - Especially for marques we can light it safely (no hot lamps for people to burn their fingers) And now we have PAR cans in white ready for up lighting. With subtle pinks, brilliant oranges, intense blues with six coloured LED we can mix the colour of your choice

Mirror Balls - Old fashioned but very effective and romantic.

Fragrance Machines - These add the fragrances of the country or flowers (sadly many flowers today don’t have a strong scent) Recently the guests commented that the whole church smelled of flowers -no it was our African Nights fragrance!

Video Relay - We can show the wedding live right round the building. Its always a problem in some small churches and venues where a large number of people can't see the ceremony.

Broadcast your wedding LIVE to the world! Great for relatives in Australia or who can’t make the day but who love to see you.

Sound System - At the church or for speeches and back ground music at the reception. Now we have the new range white array speakers - high quality, high output but very discrete.

Stage - We can create a raised top table which is nice for large receptions.

Confetti Blower - These give a much more controlled output of confetti. Standard colour, mirror and UV. See below.

Confetti Cannons - confetti with attitude!

Pyrotechnics - Add glitter and sparkle!

Bubble Machines - Some venues don’t allow confetti

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