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Web Broadcast

We can broadcast your event live on any web enabled phone, tablet, computer or smart TV.

Open up your event to a bigger audience! The more you broadcast your event the more interest you generate. This leads to more people wanting to come - FACT.

Have you been hearing a lot about live video streaming?
Increase your viewers, brand recognition and qualified leads by live broadcasting your next event.
Live streaming is still growing as the 2014 FIFA World Cup broke all sorts of records world wide for live streaming. Earlier this month, Super Bowl XLIX was the most live streamed event at 1.3 million viewer, showing that live streaming is capturing more and more fans.
There’s already a ton of individuals and companies that have started live video broadcasting. Don’t let the benefits of broadcasting live video pass you by.
So here’s the 5 reasons why you should be talking about streaming live video now.

  • Timelines Of Your Event
  • Cost Efficient

    The cost to live stream is affordable because the advancements of cameras, distributing bandwidth, and storage. The pricing for live streaming continues to drop, providing an opportunity for more individuals and businesses to broadcast. To meet the growing increase of internet traffic demand, the industry is actually causing the cost of bandwidth to decrease by adding more network equipment and connections. The addition of these new networks creates easier access and delivery of bandwidth, driving down the cost of it and saving you money. The more audience members watch your live stream, the more bandwidth is used up. Now that it’s cheaper you can reach a much wider audience than before for a fraction of the price.

    Streaming service platforms have created low-cost infrastructures by packaging bandwidth, storage and cloud-based networking. TV used to be the only method for delivering visual media to your viewers. The cost of producing that was expensive, even if the quality of it wasn’t very good.

    Now with live streaming, the cost of producing high quality live video is a fraction of what it once was . In addition, the delivery of content now over the internet comes with a small price tag compared to TV.


  • More Audience Engagement
  • Its Simple
  • Reach Your Target Audience