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Welcome our Pyrotechnics Page


Pyrotechnics - add confetti, glitter, sparkle to your event, conference, music show, wedding or celebration.
Contact us now for details.  Here’s some examples


Confetti and Streamers

A bang, followed by a cascade of glitter, reaching a height of approximately 25-30ft. Available in various single colours or multi-coloured, the Confetti is made of strips of paper which twist and turn as they float slowly to the ground. Noise: 95dB (at 5m outdoors)




A plume of sparks available in various colours, durations an heights.



Glitter Cartridges

A bang followed by a cascade of glitter reaching a height of 15-20ft. Available in various colours: Gold; Silver; Green; Blue; Red; Purple; Pink; Multi.

Noise: 101dB (at 5m indoors).



Glitter Stage Mines

A plume of gold glitter stars is propelled upwards. Minimal noise, but some smoke.

Also available is the Glitter Crackle Stage Mine, which contains random bursting crackle stars as well as the glitter stars.