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Here at New Day we can offer a comprehensive range of theatre, stage, effect, video and disco lighting with controllers.
Lighting sets the mood
Lighting changes the atmosphere
Lighting brings life to productions
Lighting makes the difference!

Ovation E-190WW

Ovation Profile
  • Description

    Powered by 19 10-watt LEDs, Ovation™ E-190WW outputs a class-leading 3,446 lux at 5 meters without a significant temperature-related drop off. Ovation™ E-190WW delivers this excellent white light with a color temperature of 3,100 K and a beautiful flat field. It also features standard beam shaping shutters, a gobo/effect slot and lens barrels that are interchangeable with other popular ERS fixtures. Selectable dimming curves ensure smooth fading cues that intermix well with the output of conventional theater ellipsoidals, offering a unique opportunity to update rental inventories.

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100 Watt COB LED Zoom Fresnel

  • Description

    Featuring COB (chip-on-board) technology the eLumen8 100W LED Zoom Warm White is loaded with a 100W warm white LED, producing an output similar to a 500W lamp. Control of the unit is facilitated via a 4 button menu and LCD display, whilst the beam angle can be manually adjusted between 10 and 50 and multiple dimmer curves are included for maximum flexibility. The whole fixture is enclosed in a robust chassis, and is supplied with filter frame and barndoor.

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Alu Zoom Par 64 (24 x 3W RGB)

  • Description

    This high output DMX compatible Par 64 is loaded with features including smooth RGB colour mixing, electronic dimming and colour strobing. The Alu Zoom Par 64 has all of the same great features as the Alu Par 64 and additionally you can control the beam angle between 10 and 60 either via the built in LED display on the rear of the fixture or via DMX control.

  • Specification

iSolution iMove 575W

  • Description
  • Features

    16 DMX channels : 16/8- channel switchable
    Setting and addressing: 4 x 7 segment blue LED display. LED display with on/off setting function.
    Data in/out : Locking 3-pin XLR iSolution operation
    Consistent DMX configuration enables iMove series to be linked with iRock, iShow and other iSolution effects
    Remote DMX Addressing (RDA): DMX address can be set remotely by iLead controller
    When the DMX signal is absent, the iMove will switch to Stand Alone mode automatically
    Easy installation, easy addressing, and pre-programmed function
    Stand alone mode
    Built in dynamic lighting shows for instant operation
    User friendly easy controller (CA-8): has various lighting shows at your fingertips
    Pan: 540 degrees Tilt: 270 degrees
    Automatic PAN/TILT Correction. CMY Mixing system
    Cyan: 0 - 100%, Magenta: 0 - 100%, Yellow: 0 - 100% Colour wheel
    9 trapezoid dichroic colours plus white
    Rainbow effect in both directions
    Effect Wheel
    Frost filter and diagonal lens Dimmer/ Shutter 0 - 100% dimmer
    Independent shutter/ variable speed strobe
    Zoom: Automatical adjustable beam angle 11 - 28 degress by DMX value
    High efficiency optical system
    High quality lens and dichroic colours
    Auto focus


iSolution iMove 1200W

  • Description

    The IM-1200 Wash is a complete and powerful wash-light featuring 22 channels with automatic zoom and frost filters. Remote DMX Addressing lets you set the DMX values remotely from your console. The digital display menu's navigation system is easy to operate with it's menu control wheel. In addition to its colossal output, the IM-1200S has a lot to offer large venues, major productions and rental companies. Thanks to the unit's Iris, its beam can be narrowed or widened, providing the versatility to spotlight performers on stage or splash color over a larger area.

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Light Controls

Chamsys MagicQ MQ-60

  • Description
  • Features
  • Specification

    Universes: 12 (up to 64 in net wing mode with additional PC/Mac)
    Channels: 6144
    Number of fixtures: Up to 6144
    Cue stacks:2000
    Numbers of shows:Virtually unlimited
    Media server support:50 (each different content)

    Direct DMX ports:4
    Network ports:4
    External monitor:1
    Rear panel USB ports:4
    Front panel USB port:1

    Audio input (1 channel, 7 band)
    Remote contact switch
    MIDI Notes in/out


Chamsys MagicQ MQ-200 Pro

  • Description

    The MagicQ MQ200 Pro 2014 provides an immensely powerful control console - 64 universes direct via ArtNet, ACN or Pathport. All 64 universes are processed onboard - no extra processing nodes required. 32768 channels in a compact package, proven to run at full speed with all channels fully patched, there really is no similarly packaged console that can sustain this performance.

    MagicQ software features easy patching from a library of 9000 fixture personalities, simple attribute selection and programming, flexible live lighting control including a powerful inbuilt Pixel Mapper.

    MagicQ Pro 2014 features an in-built high speed Ethernet switch, with 4 separate high durability metal Neutrik Ethercon locking connectors on the rear panel enabling easy and reliable networking. As with the rest of the MagicQ console, the Ethernet switch is protected by the UPS, thus ensuring that both the console and the network switch maintain operation even during power loss.

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